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Return to Play Guidelines and Protocols

  • Soccer Maine has stated that any spectator outside of their vehicle must be counted in the total spectator count. If you are watching from your vehicle, you must stay inside your vehicle. Spectators watching from their truck beds or the back of their SUV are considered outside of their vehicle. They will be required to wear a wristband and will be counted in the spectator count.  
  • Please remember to remain in your vehicle until the team playing before you has cleared the field and all players and spectators have returned to their vehicles. 
  • Please leave the field quickly after your games so other teams can take the field to warm up.
  • Coaches, players, and spectators must remain masked when on the sides and must maintain 6 feet of distance from each other and from the field. People from the same household are allowed to sit together as long as they are masked and 6ft from the field. 
  • We ask that parents with wristbands that are watching on the sidelines are mindful of blocking the view of people trying to watch from their cars. If possible, bring a blanket to sit on the ground or use a chair and try to not block the view of others.

 Soccer Maine’s policy for all Fall Classic games this season is that spectators must be distanced and masked.  Yes – our policy is slightly more stringent than the State guidelines, and the reason for that is twofold – 1) we simply cannot count on parents/spectators staying 100% socially distanced and not using loud voices (thereby spewing particles into the air) at games; 2) we are a 99% volunteer organization, both at the Soccer Maine level and the club level, and it is simply not possible to constantly police the social distance criteria at every game so we need the extra layer of protection for our children’s benefit.  This policy is not negotiable for the Fall Classic League this fall, and is the responsibility of the home club to monitor and control.  If parents/spectators refuse to adhere to the policy, then they need to stay home.  Our policy follows other organizations’ policies and is in the best interest of the players that we are serving.  The alternative would be no spectators at games, which is likely the policy that all schools will be adopting for high school soccer this fall.

Fall Soccer Registration and Information

It is now time to register for BSC's 2020 Fall Travel Soccer Season. This is a competitive league with games all over the State of Maine.  The cut off to pre-register for tryouts is May 31st at 11:59pm. Late registrations will NOT be permitted for teams with full rosters, and will only be considered for teams that do not have enough candidates. When available, late registrants will be added to secondary teams.

**Please read all of the information related to Fall Registration concerning payment, guidelines and recommendations, as well as try out dates.

Bangor Soccer Club

Founded in 1993 with a focus on developing and promoting youth soccer in the greater Bangor area.


Referee Information for Spring 2020

Please see the tab for Referees for more information from Allen Drew the ref assignor to our club.

Link for registration for referees is provided in the information.

Fall Kick-Off 2018